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Gator Games Newsletter: Aug 15 to Aug 21

We are taking applications for Manager or Assistant Manager.

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+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
Home page of Web Site - get your coupon for a $5 Birthday Present.

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We do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+

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Email once a week with events. Ok for discussion for Looking For Group or topics related to gaming.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players.

Every Mon.: 3:30pm D&D Casual Game $5

Every Tues.: 4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Riki $3
We are looking for a pokemon professor so we can do pre-releases.

Every Wed.: 4:30 Heroclix $5 unless sealed. 2 rounds.
Events will start on time, if you are late, you are late to that round.

Every Thurs. 4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists

Every Fri 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additional foils, boosters and possible other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.

Weekend Events!

Aug 20, Sat 11am Warmachine and Hordes Tournament & Demo Day $5
Aug 21, Sun 11-2 Free Games Giveaway (like RPG Day)
Aug 21, Sun 2pm - 6pm Open Boardgame Day / Fuse Tournament

Aug 27, Sat 11am MtG Conspiracy Launch Booster Draft $15
Aug 28, Sun 11am WH40k Linebreaker $5

Sept 24, Sat 11am Kaladesh Prerelease
Sept 25, Sun 11am Kaladesh Prerelease

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.

S2P CW005008 OneDice: Pulp RPG $11.99
S2P R4I45001 Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles - Pack of Nine 10' Interlocking Tiles $39.99
S2P R4I45002 Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles - Pack of Thirty Six 5' Interlocking Tiles $39.99
S2P R4I45003 Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles - Combo Pack of Four 10' and Sixteen 5' Interlocking Tiles $39.99
FGRMT-117 Miniature Basing: Natural Rocks $5.25

FFG ADN37 Android Netrunner LCG: Blood Money Data Pack $14.95
Even when there's no financial certainty, there's always financial opportunity. And at a time of frayed relations between rival corps, much of that opportunity comes in the form of Blood Money, the second Data Pack in the Flashpoint Cycle for Android: Netrunner. With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Blood Money continues to explore New Angeles in the wake of the Twenty-Three Seconds incident and the ensuing financial collapse, chaos, and violence.

FFG SWM17 Star Wars Armada: Liberty Expansion Pack $39.95
The MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser is the spearhead of the Rebel Alliance's fleet, and it boasts some of the heaviest firepower in the Rebel arsenal. Its impressive firepower and powerful forward shielding, demand that it is often among the first ships considered to lead Rebel strike forces into combat. The Liberty Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada introduces the Liberty miniature as a large-base Rebel ship, as well as two ship cards, and fourteen upgrades, including a new commander and three unique Titles.

FFG SWM16 Star Wars Armada: Interdictor Expansion Pack $39.95
The Interdictor cruiser was designed as a major part of the Empires response to the elusive Rebel threat. Its gravity-well projectors are capable of wrenching enemy ships out from hyperspace, and its deployment along one of the galaxy's hyperspace lanes can spell doom for unsuspecting Rebel captains. The Interdictor Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada introduces the Interdictor miniature as a medium-base Imperial ship, as well as two ship cards and fourteen upgrades.

FFG SWM18 Star Wars Armada: Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack $19.95
Coordinate your Star Wars: Armada fleet with the flotilla of Gozanti-class cruisers from the Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack! With just one die in their left, right, and forward battery armaments, and no dice to fire from their rear arcs, your flotilla of Imperial assault carriers will not intimidate your opponent into surrender, but it more than makes up for its minimal firepower with its Fleet Support upgrades, which allow you to coordinate and support your fleet more effectively than ever! The Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack contains two Gozanti-class cruiser miniatures, two ship cards, eight upgrades, one rules reference card, and all necessary components.

FFG SWM19 Star Wars Armada: Rebel Transports Expansion Pack $19.95
The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces a flotilla of GR-75 medium transports to your games of Star War: Armada. In addition to its flotilla, which you can field as either a pair of GR-75 Combat Retrofits or GR-75 Medium Transports, the Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces eight upgrades, four of which feature the utilitarian Fleet Support icon. The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack contains two GR-75 medium transport miniatures, two ship cards, eight upgrades, one rules reference card, and all necessary components.

MFG 3513 Oh My Goods $15.00
In Oh My Goods!, players control a network of workshops and craftsmen in their quest to become the richest merchant in the realm! Beginning with the ability to make charcoal, use your resources to acquire cloth, meat, or other goods to increase your income, run your workshops, and hire assistants. Plan the most efficient path to profit in Oh My Goods!

ZMG PZG20002 Flick Em Up! Red Rock Tomahawk Expansion $34.99
In this new expansion for Flick'em Up!, the infamous Cooper Clan has begun taking over small villages. Those villages, however, belong to the Native Americans, who are armed with bows and tomahawks, and ready to defend their land in five exciting scenarios. But, they'd best be careful around the Cooper Clan's new weapon: the relentless Gatling gun.

ZMG PZG20020 Junk Art $69.99
Where some see junk, others see art! In Junk Art, let your creativity take over as everything you touch turns into magnificent structures and extraordinary creations! But you're not the only talented artist in town and you must prove yourself by taking to the road, showing your skills, and making new fans!

UDC 86047 Legendary Encounters DBG: Firefly Core Set DBG $37.49
Aim to misbehave and play as the crew of the Serenity with Legendary Encounters: The Firefly Deck-Building Game! Featuring some of Firefly's greatest protagonists (and antagonists) including Patience, Niska, Saphron, and the evil Alliance, players must work cooperatively to complete each episode - and upgrade your ship to gain an advantage! Each core set comes with over 500 playable cards showcasing all-new original art!

UDC 84774 Legendary DBG: Big Trouble in Little China (stand alone) $31.24
Become Legendary! In this cooperative deck building game based on John Carpenter's action-packed, kung-fu, cult classic, Big Trouble in Little China, players take on the roles of Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Wang Chi, and the Pork Chop Express playing schemes straight from the film in their quest to defeat Lo Pan and The Three Storms!

GWI 360-1 Stowaway 52 $10.00
A Play-Your-Path Game! You've snuck aboard an alien ship that's about to attack Earth - and it's up to you to stop it! Set a course for sabotage with this unique Cardventure - an interactive story that puts 'you' at the controls. Do you reprogram the flight computer, or destroy the engine room? Do you grab that key card, or head for the escape pods? Choose wisely - your fate depends on the path you pick!

GWI 360-2 Jump Ship! $10.00
A Play-Your-Path Game! As captain of the Black Bounty, it's up to you to chart your own course through this pirate Cardventure! Should you defend your boat from enemy pirates, or do you go and plunder another ship? Do you duel your fearsome nemesis Captain Peg, or jump into the squid-infested waters? Choose wisely - your fate depends on the choices you make!

GWI 7116 Skiwampus $10.00
Out-maneuver your opponents in this full-tilt action brain-builder! Arrange your tiles so the corners connect to form an array of patterns. Most colors, all numbers, three of a kind! But, work fast - everyone plays at the same time! It's a geometric jam that requires sharp eyes, quick thinking, and nimble hands. Let the wild Skiwampus begin!

GWI 421 Ranglin Rabbits $15.00
It's a bunny break-out in this hare-racing dice game! A herd of hasty hoppers is headed for the hills, and it's your job to halt them! Work together as a team to corral the cottontails by flicking, lifting, and rolling the dice. But hop to it! There's trouble afoot if they all escape before you can mend the fences. Wrangle the rabbits and you're a 24-carrot champion!

STM600 Scythe $80.00
Scythe (1-5 players, ~115 minutes) is a competitive 4X game set in an alternate-history 1920s. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. The game features world-building and art by Jakub Rozalski.

AEG5510 Smash Up: Cease and Desist
Smash Up: Cease and Desist can be played on its own as a two-player game or combined with other Smash Up titles to allow for up to four players to compete for control of bases at the same time. Smash Up: Cease and Desist includes four factions =E2=80=94 Astroknights, Changerbots, Star Roamers, and Ignobles =E2=80=94 with 22 cards for each faction. To play, you shuffle together any two factions, whether from this set or any other Smash Up title, then start playing.

AEG 5865 Dice City: Crossroads Expansion $19.99
The gold from the All That Glitters Expansion continues to add wealth to Dice City in Crossroads. That wealth can now be used to invest in the arts, music, and new buildings. The citizens of Rolldovia are finding new ways to get around your city, and in turn making it a more thriving community, with taverns and guilds sprouting up everywhere to support their needs. Which way will your city turn next? It's fair to say you have reached a Crossroads... but, which is the right way to roll, build, and win?

CHA 23133 Call of Cthulhu: Nameless Horrors $29.95
The Cthulhu Mythos presents far worse horrors than mere death. You won't find any ghouls or Deep Ones, or other named Mythos entities here. The horrors found within have no names, but they are still very much of the Mythos. Nameless Horrors brings you six new scenarios that will frighten even the most experienced of Call of Cthulhu investigators, giving them cause to fear the unknown.

CHA 23135 Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition $54.95
Call of Cthulhu is a roleplaying game of secrets, mysteries, and horror based upon the worlds of H. P. Lovecraft. Playing the role of steadfast investigators, you travel to strange and dangerous places, uncover foul plots, and stand against the terrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. This 7th Edition of the Keeper's Rulebook contains the core rules, background, guidance, spells, and monsters of Call of Cthulhu, and is backwards-compatible with all other available Call of Cthulhu titles.

CHA 23136 Call of Cthulhu: 7th Edition Investigator Handbook 44.95
Will you stand against the horrors of the night? Whether learned professor, nosy journalist, or hard-hitting detective, investigators need all the help they can get. The Investigator Handbook is an essential player's aid for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition roleplaying game, packed with expanded rules for creating characters, a wealth of over 100 occupations and skill descriptions, and guidance on getting the most from the game. Whats more, there's a range of organizations for your investigator to belong to, detailed information about the classic 1920s setting, equipment and weapons for both the 1920s and modern day, and expert tips and advice for all budding investigators.

CHA 23137 Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Screen Pack $29.95
An essential play aid for those running games of Call of Cthulhu, this four-panel Keeper Screen collects and summarizes important rules, statistics, and charts to assist the Keeper when running games. Also included are two scenarios set in Lovecraft Country during the 1920s ('Blackwater Creek' and 'Missed Dues'), plus twelve ready to play, pre-generated investigators and full-color maps of Lovecraft Country, the World of Cthulhu, and Arkham Environs.

CHA 23138 Call of Cthulhu: Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors $34.95
Weird shapes in the park? Odd rumbling noises in the basement? A lurking dread in the kitchen? Bad dreams involving strange adventures and bizarre creatures? Identifying the lurking horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos is never an easy task, so researchers need all the help they can get - don't leave home without S. Peteren's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors! This essential spotter's guide for the budding and experienced preternaturalist details 53 Lovecraftian creatures and how to distinguish similar-seeming entities.

AEG 5917 Doomtown: ECG Expansion Saddlebag 12 - The Show Stopper $14.99 8/15 196
It's Showtime! Its do or die for Abram and his posse as they confront Ivor once and for all! Will Pasteurs miracle be enough to stop the diseased ringmaster and his circus? Or will Gomorra find salvation in a less likely place? Lock and load for the towns most epic battle yet! With 21 new cards, and four copies of each, Saddlebags give you new ways to customize your Doomtown: Reloaded decks. Whether you're looking to be shootin', spell castin', or just trying to show that you have more money and influence than the next person, The Showstopper expands your options for the takin' over Gomorra!

PSI CAT27704 Shadowrun Crossfire DBG: Character Expansion Pack 2 - Street Legends $14.99
Shadowrunners are nothing if not individuals and Character Expansion Pack 2 gives you plenty to use in your Shadowrun: Crossfire game. It includes a new set of upgrade stickers, adding options for making the exact character you envision, five street legend cards for players who want to leap into the shadows with head start, and 20 standard character cards with new art for players designing runners from the ground up. You can hit the streets ready to take down any obstacles that dare rear their heads.

PSI CAT27750 Encounters: Shadowrun (stand alone) $29.99
In Encounters: Shadowrun, a fast-paced, push-your-luck dice and card game, players take on the role of Mr. Johnson - an individual that arranges for 'things to be taken care of' - fixing the megacorps' dirty work by adding new shadowrunners to their already-assembled teams. Players then send those 'expendable assets' into the shadows of the mean sprawl streets of the Sixth World, fighting past magic, tech, and more to collect resources and corporate secrets to defeat their rivals!

PSI MCG040 Numenera RPG: Torment - Tides of Numenera - The Explorer's Guide Hardcover $39.99
Numenera's Ninth World is a fantastic vision of a world in which hyper-advanced civilizations have risen and fallen and left their inventions behind. Their achievements became part of the accumulated detritus of eons - and now this assortment of ancient power is there for the taking! One of the denizens of the Ninth World has discovered a way to use the numenera to grow strong, cheat death, and skip across the face of centuries in a succession of bodies. But, he discovers an unexpected side effect: You! Set in the world of Monte Cook's roleplaying game setting Numenera, Torment: Tides of Numenera is a game of deep reactivity and immersion into a new and strange vision. You will chart a course through bizarre landscapes, across the face of a vastly different world. You will face adversaries who harness incomprehensible powers, and who will ultimately force you to face yourself and answer the question: What does one life matter?

PSI RVM012 Islebound $49.99
Set sail in a mystical archipelago filled with bustling towns, sea monsters, pirates, and gold in Islebound! Compete to build the best sea-faring nation by collecting treasure, hiring crew, and befriending (or conquering) island towns.

PSI SMPORI-001 Origin (2016 version) $39.99
Survive and thrive in the birthplace of civilization in Origin! Starting with a few, small tribesmen, build up your people and expand across the globe. Evolve and explore as you claim straits and hunting grounds, establish villages, and uncover innovations like fire and stonecraft.

PSI SMPNWP-001 Expedition Northwest Passage $39.99
In 1845, Sir John Franklin led an expedition to discover the route that would connect the Pacific and Atlantic. When he disappeared, explorers from Britain and America set out to find the missing voyage and succeed where Franklin failed by finding the Northwest Passage. Be the first to discover and chart the route to the Pacific to earn the prestige you need to bring victory for your team!

PSI SMPCAP-001 Cappuccino $29.99
Get Stacking! Block your opponents and build the highest stack of cups in this abstract game for the whole family.

SJG 1383 Bill and Ted's Excellent Boardgame $24.95
Strange things are afoot in Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame! Collect personages of historical significance in order to pass your oral history report. But, beware! Every time you bag someone, the phone booth breaks most-heinously, and your adventure through time will take a most serious turn! Be excellent to each other...and Party On, Dudes!

FFG GT10 A Game of Thrones LCG: 2nd Edition - Called to Arms Chapter Pack $14.95
The banners have been called in the War of the Five Kings! Before long, great armies will march onto the field of battle, while subtle intrigues decide the fates of countless others. In Called to Arms, the second Chapter Pack in the War of Five Kings Cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, a new King version of Balon Greyjoy challenges all enemies of the Iron Isles, and you'll find other recognizable characters like Dolorous Edd and Shae entering the game for the first time. This Chapter Pack also continues to focus on the seasons of Westeros with two new agendas.

FFG SWA42 Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion - Forged in Battle Hardcover $29.95
A Soldier sourcebook for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, Forged in Battle offers your front-line warriors a wealth of new options and resources with which they can better take the fight to the Empire. Forged in Battle introduces new species, specializations, and signature abilities, as well as a sizable collection of new weapons, armor, gear, and vehicles. Meanwhile, Game Masters will find helpful hints on running combats in different terrain, using the changes in environment to better suit the tastes of your Soldiers, as well as all other combat-focused characters.

FFG SWC31 Star Wars LCG: Ancient Rivals Force Pack $14.95
Certain feuds and rivalries have shaped the Galactic Civil War, and with the Ancient Rivals Force Pack, these conflicts enter Star Wars: The Card Game. Kicking off the Opposition Cycle, players incorporating Ancient Rivals will find cards that focus on the struggles between affiliations by increasing their power when they battle their chosen rivals. Ancient Rivals also introduces new versions of iconic characters like Ahsoka Tano, Han Solo, and Darth Vader.

FFG WHK19 Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG: Searching for Truth War Pack $14.95
On the surface of Nectavus VI, an ancient being has waited and watched for centuries. As blood rains down and the power of the Warp is unleashed, this ancient watcher rises at last! Journey deeper into the treacherous jungles of Nectavus VI with Searching for Truth, the fourth War Pack in the Death World Cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest! Searching for Truth focuses on the new Deep Strike keyword, while Elite units continue to gain power and a new Necrons warlord lets you reap the rewards of repairing your warriors in the midst of battle.

GAW 39-23 Deathwatch Watch Captain in Terminator Armor $25
This box contains 1 Space Marine terminator Captain. It will also include a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.

GAW 39-11 Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius $65
A great-value box set that contains all 11 Deatwatch models that were previously released in the Deathwatch: Overkill box game.

GAW 39-22 Deathwatch Transport $42
This box contains enough sprues to build either a Razorback or a Rhino Transport tank. It will also include a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.

GAW 39-16 Deathwatch Watch Captain $25
This box contains 1 Space Marine Commander. It will also include a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.

GAW 39-19 Deathwatch Bikers $60
This box contains 5 Space Marine bikes. It will also include a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.

GAW 39-20 Deathwatch Land Raider $80
This box contains enough sprues to build one of the three variants of the Landraider tank. It will also include a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.

GAW 39-03-01 39-03-60 How to paint Deathwatch $10
This book is a step by step guide to painting DeathWatch Space Marines and all of the Space Marine chapters that the Deathwatch Space Marines originated from. Lots of painting advice for a great price.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you

S2P MOC40020 Savage Worlds RPG: Low Life Miniatures - Sunny Hindquarters RPG $9.95
S2P MOC40019 Savage Worlds RPG: Low Life Miniatures - F'reek RPG $9.95
AGS WGF121A Wings of Glory: Phoenix DI (Lang) $14.90
AGS WGF121B Wings of Glory: Phoenix DI (Urban) $14.90
AGS WGF121C Wings of Glory: Phoenix DI (Gruber) $14.90
AGS WGF122A Wings of Glory: Nieuport 11 (Chaput) $14.90
AGS WGF122B Wings of Glory: Nieuport 11 (De Turenne) $14.90
AGS WGF122C Wings of Glory: Nieuport 11 (Ancillotto) $14.90
AGS WGF209A Wings of Glory: Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (Costes/Astor) $19.90
AGS WGF209B Wings of Glory: Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (Collishaw/Portsmouth) $19.90
AGS WGF209C Wings of Glory: Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Comic (78 Squadron) $19.90
AGS WGF210A Wings of Glory: Albatros C III (Bohme/Ladermacher) $19.90
AGS WGF210B Wings of Glory: Albatros C III (Meinecke) $19.90
AGS WGF210C Wings of Glory: Albatros C III (Luftstreitkrafte) $19.90
FGR28F-GOC-A16 28mm Gothic City: Fire Escape Extra Floors x2 $15.75
FGR28S-JES-A05 28mm Jesserai (Sci-Fi): 2x Generators $14.00
KST35DC132 Batman Miniature Game: Flash (TV Series) $20.00
KST35DC133 Batman Miniature Game: Reverse Flash (TV Series) $20.00
KST35DC134 Batman Miniature Game: Spartan (John Diggle) $20.00
KST35MV107 Marvel Universe Miniature Game: Iron Man Hulkbuster MK44 $44.00
KST35MV116 Marvel Universe Miniature Game: Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants $44.00
KST35MV117 Marvel Universe Miniature Game: Sabretoth $20.00
KSTACC0043 Batman Miniature Game: Effects Markers I $8.00
KSTACC0046 Batman Miniature Game: Air Ducts $8.00
ETS8TH0018 Defenders Of The Last Stand: A Post Apocalyptic Adventure Game $110.00
HWG10017 Dropzone Commander: Reconquest, Phase 2 Rulebook $23.00

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